7 Major Bomb Threats Throughout The Nation Today – Alabama, Pennsylvania, Iowa, Florida…

Bomb Threats, USA… Alabama: 3 Hospitals… Pennsylvania: Shopping Village… Iowa: Neighborhood… Florida: Office Building…

BREAKING: #Cullman County Regional #MedicalCenter in #Alabama is evacuating patients due to bomb threats // #USA #EEUU

7 major bomb threats throughout the nation today. This can’t possibly have anything to do with a 168 hour tv marathon on bombing suspects…


Rock Island neighborhood evacuated after bomb threat


Bomb threat forces evacuation of Seabreeze office building

DAYTONA BEACH — About 200 people evacuated the Raymond James building on Seabreeze Boulevard for more than an hour on Monday morning after two men called a bank and demanded money, threatening to detonate a bomb, police say.


#OBAMANATION 3 Alabama hospitals evacuated after bomb threats #tcot


3 days, 3 bomb threats in Daytona Beach. Today it was a bank receiving the threat


3 Alabama hospitals evacuated after bomb threats


South Hills Village Evacuated After Bomb Threat


Connecticut Court Evacuated After Bomb Threat



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  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1672891012 Greg Burton

    Do you ever get the impression we’re being set up? Gamed into accepting a police state through a series of false-flag events?

    • Jim

      How can we keep this war on terror going if we don’t have some terrorist attacks here on our own soil? How are we gonna keep the public supporting the constant attacks on their constitutionally protected GOD given rights? If we don’t scare the herd every once in awhile they make notice the sheep’s clothing on the wolves and if that happened the wolves might go hungry or worse they may get trampled by the ram.

      What is the exit strategy to end the war on terror?

      What is the targeted end date to this war?



  • Tanya

    This is ridiculous. What, are we supposed to think that ALL OF A SUDDEN a whole bunch of different people all decided to make bombs? Or are we supposed to think that there is a vast network of disaffected people who all decided to bomb their own cities? And that all the warrantless surveillance they’ve practiced on us for the last decade was helpless to stop it? Oh, wait, we’re not supposed to think at all. We’re just supposed to react, like sheep when a pack of dogs jump into the pen.

    Who are the best, most experienced bomb makers in the world? The Mossad. Who’s been coming over here and teaching DHS how to control us? Who wants us in an Israeli-type environment so we will countenance them killing the people they want to kill?

    We need to end the Federal Government that has brought this down upon us. We need to break up into 50 nations (which the government is all in place for already), which will end the wars, and the DHS, and the Fed, and a whole bunch of stuff that needs to stop.

  • Abitskeptic

    In the 90s the FBI fielded an average of fifty bomb threats a day, before it was even in vogue. These days it must be way more. But let’s report and act on these as credible.