BOOM: FBI Releases 300 Pages of Hillary Investigation Records ! (EXPOSED High CRIMES!)

BOOM: FBI Releases 300 Pages of Hillary Clinton Investigation Records !(High CRIMES!)
2) Thumbnail image – Hillary CLinton Exposed,…
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“Ambient Ambulance”…


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  • Paula

    just in time for Obummer to pardon her.

    • TruthHammer

      Exactly what I was thinking. But of course! Never any justice meted out to the criminal elite.

    • JosephConrad

      Not if she gets what she had Stein get…She’s too evil to live or be jailed…

    • Paul M

      I don’t think she would accept a pardon because it would mean she was guilty, a stance she denies.

  • Guest Speaker

    Please explains to me why, this woman is not in jail yet, Lucy?

  • chris

    ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! arrest and jail the old hag and her entire family. gitmo awaits!