BOOM! Syrian Army Crushes the Obama Backed Rebel Assault from Jordan! Jordan places Air Force on High Alert!

This the reason they served up the False Flag,….and since the world aint buying it , Expect Another One !…..Soon! Victory for Assad in South Syria !!!………

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Jordan Prepares For Syrian Fallout; Places Air Force On High Alert

Following last week’s refusal to allow the US to use the nation as a launchpad for Syria strikes, Jordan has placed its air-force, one of the Arab world’s strongest, on high alert in anticipation of “various possibilities.”

The show of strength captured in Al-Arabiya’s special access to the Jordanian air-base shows F-16s and multiple Himars truck-mounted rocket-launchers.

While Jordan, like so many nations, would prefer the political solution, it is prepared for any emergency.


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