Boston University suspends sorority sisters for ‘alcohol-related hazing’ after female student was hospitalised

Sorority sisters have been suspended at Boston University after reportedly forcing new pledges to drink alcohol as part of a hazing incident.

Police on campus were said to have stopped three men carrying young women from the Sigma Delta Tau sorority down the street on March 3. 

An ambulance was called for two of the women, believed to be underage drinking, and one was taken to St Elizabeth’s Hospital for intoxication.

The dean of students said the incident was the result of hazing and suspended the sorority, according to Fox News Boston.

The men involved in the Saturday night incident were said to be part of a fraternity but it was unclear whether they were also students at BU.

Boston University has a strict no hazing policy. 

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On the sign-up sheets from BU’s website, Sigma Delta Tau describes itself as ‘comprised of beautiful, intelligent and charismatic women. We truly care about each other and are thankful that Sigma Delta Tau has welcomed up into a life long bond’.

New members must pay $615 to join Sigma Delta Tau and then $350 each semester.

Boston University has attracted much negative publicity over the past few months.

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