BRAVO! Integration Minister says her actions to make Norway LESS attractive to migrants/refugees have worked

According to Listhaug, an increasing number of migrants have dropped the idea of seeking asylum in Norway – exactly as she hoped.

“When I ask them [migrants she spoke with in Greece and Italy, ed.] about their opinions of Norway, they say that Norway has become strict and less attractive and not a country that they want to travel to,” she told VG.

The numbers seem to back up the claim. In May, just 195 asylum seekers came to Norway, the lowest May figure in 19 years.

Listhaug said that Norway’s political signals have been heard loud and clear.

Norway’s hardline asylum bill heads to parliament
Published: 05 Apr 2016

A long-awaited asylum and integration proposal was formally presented to parliament on Tuesday.

Norway wants to jail ‘groundless’ asylum seekers (05 Apr 16)
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The final version of the bill saw the Norwegian government scaling back its controversial requirements on family reunificaiton for refugees, saying that it will be enough for them to have been employed or in education for three years before bringing their family to Norway instead of the original four-year proposal.

Even with the reduction from four to three years, the family reunificaiton rules will be much stricter than they are today, primarily because of changes to the so-called ‘maintenance requirement’ (underholdskravet), which will now require that refugees can support their family members from day one before they can be brought to Norway.

Norway won’t take any more refugees from EU
Published: 08 Apr 2016 14:47 GMT+02:00

The Norwegian government will not take any additional refugees from the EU despite the bloc’s new agreement with Turkey, Immigration Minister Sylvi Listhaug said on Friday.

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Danish parties ‘envious’ of Norway’s tough asylum bill (06 Apr 16)
Norway’s hardline asylum bill heads to parliament (05 Apr 16)
Norway wants to jail ‘groundless’ asylum seekers (05 Apr 16)

Norway has offered to take 1,500 asylum seekers over two years as part of the EU’s refugee relocation scheme. The first of those EU asylum seekers are expected to arrive within a month, but Listhaug said on Friday that the Norway would not expand its offer.

“We have set a quota for refugees from the EU. Increasing it is not of current interest,” Listhaug told NTB.

Listhaug said she was open to some of the previously-agreed 1,500 asylum seekers coming from Turkey as part of the EU deal, but stressed that the total sum of 750 this year and 750 the next is not up for negotiation.

“Norway is among the countries that has contributed the most to the relocation programme when measured per capita,” she said.

The EU and Turkey agreed in March to a deal in which the Turks will take migrants and refugees back from the Greek islands in exchange for the EU taking Syrian refugees directly from Turkey.

Norway to asylum seekers: We’ll pay you extra to leave
Published: 25 Apr 2016 08:52 GMT+02:00

The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration’s (Utlendingsdirektoratet – UDI) is offering a 10,000 kroner bonus to asylum seekers to leave voluntarily.

Record number of foreign workers leave Norway
Published: 01 Jun 2016 11:35 GMT+02:00

Foreign workers are leaving Norway like never before, new figures from Statistic Norway (SSB) show.




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