Brazil is calling in additional national guard troops to boost security as 50,000 gather in Sao Paulo!!!

Brazilian police fired rubber bullets at demonstrators in the northeastern city of Fortaleza hours before a soccer match against Mexico as week-long protests over inflation and public policy spread.

Police also fired tear gas and used mace to disperse a crowd that had broken through a barrier around the stadium where the Brazilian national team plays this afternoon. Some of the protesters, who gathered to express their discontent over public spending on stadiums, responded by throwing stones. The national guard today will reinforce security for soccer matches at Confederations Cup games in three host cities, the Justice Ministry said in a statement.

Clashes in Fortaleza one hour ago:

At least 50.000 protesters in Fortaleza. Car on fire!


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  • hvaiallverden

    I only recomend the people to be alerted about and watch for Provos.

    And old trick done since time immemorial, and to putt the blame on the people that is protesting on their goverment.
    And their responce is violence, and Provos is always used, even in “normal” countrys, sivil police/security is mingling with the people.

    Watch out and isolate the perpetrators of violence, record it and save it for analyse. They are usaly easy to spott, agresivness is their Game, and actions against propertys and people in a level not sustainable for a peacefull demonstration.
    make a site where this people can be exosed.
    Intellegence goes both ways.

    They do it and so can You.
    And belive me, briliant people regarding cumpoter teck is everywhere, even in the favelas.

    Remeber this, Gandhi, just walked the Britsh down.
    Of course, to messure and compare the sice of Balls/cojones ( pardon ladys, just an analogy), to stear unarmed and expresing your divine right into the barrel of a gunn, compared to the person holding it and threatens with violence covards hiding behind a desperat and criminal govermets legislations, is beyound compability, Integrety and Morale.
    Only criminals use violence to protect their crimes, and for the loosing of face in broad daylight dont make it better.
    Of course they do everything, to grabb to the powers they are used to and have lived on.

    If only the Military, for once came to the sensess and realise the future is there, in the cowds, not those criminals, parasits and liers, hiding behind descks is a Officiale, owned by you all, pallaces and sends their Trops to fight ordnianry people, what an utterly covard act,

    And this is a prime example of what happens when the people tryes to say No.
    There is No democracy if there is no right to say and stand by a No.
    Its the people that IS the Land, not a ramndom collection of f…. criminals that have managed to claw them selfs into power.
    And when they are exposed for their true Nature, they resot to barbaric actions.

    And this is the result, opresion and violence.
    Brasilians, you have my hart and soul.