BREAKING: 20,000 Assad Troops & 100s of Tanks Converge on Aleppo. US Drones in the Air!

Reports Aleppo says big battles underway as Syria government tries to push back opposition forces

Fierce fighting has been going on for 4 hours around the palace of justice in Aleppo

FSA commander Gen. Idriss says he fears what happened in Qusair will be repeated in Aleppo if deliveries of weapons are delayed.

Satellites track 20,000+ Assad & Hezbollah forces converging on Aleppo supported by 100s of tanks and bmp and silka fighting cars

Assad knows he has to move fast now to crush Aleppo

@ElCidBarett drones might be flying already

The White House says it will increase assistance to Syria’s rebels. But will it be enough to prevent Aleppo from falling?

U.S. Prepares Military Options for Syria as 20K Assad Troops Advance on Aleppo

The U.S. must now determine how it would arm the Syrian opposition movement after concluding that Syrian President Bashar al-Assad has crossed the “red line” by using chemical weapons against rebel forces in the war-torn state.

A new U.S. intelligence assessment shows the Assad regime has dispatched its cache of weaponized sarin gas on a limited basis against rebel fighters, top White House official Ben Rhodes told reporters Thursday afternoon. The opposition has not attained or used chemical weapons itself, Rhodes added, despite assertions from Assad to the contrary.

Rebels announce a general call for jihad to stop SAA advancement in northern Aleppo





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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    “As President, I’m not always told about everything that goes on in my administration, I haven’t heard anything about this Fast and Furious rumor, don’t know anything about Benghazi, the NSA supposedly spying on Americans, or whatever is happening over at the IRS, in fact……OH LOOK, OVER THERE!!!….ITS A NEW WAR!!”

  • dougdiggler

    John McCain will cry his eyes out when his chid murdering, cannibal jihadis get wiped out in the location of one of the oldest Christian communities on earth; where his allies were killing all non-sunnis they could grab last week. I guess Obama has to save the chestnuts of the Syrian jihadis only after most of them are wiped out?