BREAKING ALERT: CDC confirms Zombie virus, it is called LQP-79.

CDC confirms Zombie virus, it is called LQP-79.

Mild symptoms of LQP-79 include high fever, vomiting, coughing, chest pains, increased blood pressure, and increased heart rate. Later and more severe symptoms include psychotic behavior and extreme aggression.

Once you have been infected with LQP-79 virus you must be isolated from society until a cure can be found or you must be destroyed to stop the spread of this deadly mental disorder. The LQP-79 virus can be spread by anyone within speaking distance and word of the disease taking over the minds of young victims in their early teens has occurred in North America.

Not all victims of the LQP-79 virus are susceptible to cannibal attacks or have a taste for flesh.

Details on this very topic:

The Jun 4th, 2012 LQP-79 Public Announcement indicated that the three previous attacks associated with the virus were somehow connected to the Miami International Airport. The Florida Department of Health has not released an announcement that would indicate that a potential health hazard associated with the departure from Miami International Airport would exist.

As a precaution, the CDD is releasing Interim Guidance for Management of Lyssavirus Quas Paramyxoviridae aboard commercial aircraft.

LQP-79 Miami Air Travel Guide and Safety Tips

Commercial air travel is often characterized by the movement of large numbers of people in closed and semi-closed settings. As with other close contact environments, these settings can put in you within close proximity of an infected individual facilitate the transmission of the LQP-79 virus from person to person during an attack.

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  • anon most details on the lqp iv seen thus far.

  • Lyssavirus Quas Paramyxoviridae

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  • anon

    LQP-79 Public Announcement Video now available at

  • Coolio

    They just posted a new announcement

  • Jim

    Everything I’ve seen about this so called virus does not check out.

    Sounds like total Bull Shit!

    This is not a government website but it is trying to impersonate one.

    I can’t believe this was posted again.

  • Bella

    Seriously? Come on guys… the CDC did NOT confirm any such thing. I can’t believe you guys posted this, let alone put it on a sticky at the top of the blog.

  • Jim

    You know if you continue to post crap that doesn’t have a shred of truth to it, you loose a lot of credibility. If your going to lock it in on the top you really should make sure it’s real.

  • Anonymous

    This is just a joke. is spoof website.

  • MeNotYou

    The CDC never said this was real, they deny it. I’m not saying it’s a fake virus, but to say the CDC admits it is just incorrect. I don’t think the CDC would warn you, as I do believe the virus was made by us and meant to be used again the surplus population.

  • guest

    the next new zombie apocolipse

  • BoBo

    I hope it comes so i can do wat i do best!! Kill some fukers!!!

    • Rico Versee Walker

      Ik Ima be with you killing

      • sanson

        ill be killing both of you

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  • WW

    If you think this will be a good thing, you’re wrong. I’m with you in that I think a zombie apocalypse will start, but did any of you pay attention to the ‘speaking distance’ infection radius? If you were to so much as smell a zombie, you’d eat the faces of your loved ones as soon as you ‘turn’. Even if that weren’t the case, it wouldn’t be as fun as we all think.

    • aesier

      It states above that you may not crave human flesh but have psychotic episodes. But I do agee on the fact that it would not be good, and the speaking distance thing is downright intimidating.