BREAKING ALERT: North Korea Missile Launchpad Moved to Face Skyward

A North Korean missile launcher has moved into the firing position with rockets facing skyward, Kyodo reports, citing a Japan defense official.

Steve Herman@W7VOA2m

Kyodo quotes a Japanese defense official that a #DPRK missile launcher is in a “raised position.”

Mark MacKinnon@markmackinnon3m

RT @sangwonyoon: #Japan’s Kyodo citing Japanese Defense Ministry: #NorthKorea #missile launchpad moved to face skyward

Kyodo News English Kyodo News English ‏@KyodoNewsENG 11m

NEWS ADVISORY: N. Korea missile launcher in raised position: Japan defense official
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North Korea: US ‘ready to intercept up to THREE missiles’

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NORTH Korea has completed preparations for up to three missile launches, sources in Seoul have revealed, while the South has appealed to China and Russia to intervene over the provocations.

South Korea’s Foreign Minister Yun Byung-se confirmed today that North Korea has moved a mid-range Musudan ballistic missile to its east coast and Pyongyang is prepared to launch the missile “at any time.”

North Korea Nuclear War On USA: America Says “Deepest Crisis In Decades”



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