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BREAKING: Algeria: “Final assault” – Seven hostages, 11 kidnappers killed

Seven hostages, 11 kidnappers killed during ‘final assault’ on Algerian gas plant – state news

Security source tells @AFP it is thought hostages were killed in retaliation for ‘final’ Algerian gas plant raid

The ‘final assault’ by Algerian troops on a gas plant seized by militants has resulted in the deaths of seven hostages and 11 kidnappers. The militants reportedly summarily executed their captives as troops tried to free them.

Earlier, the militants reportedly made demands and threatened to kill the captives if their ultimatum was not met.

The militant group behind the attack, ‘The Battalion of Blood,’ initially said that the hostages were nationals of Great Britain, Japan, the US and Norway, Mauritanian news agency Akhbar reported citing the militants’ commander.

The identity of the hostages killed has not been revealed.

The leader also said that his team of 20 militants had mined the facility where the hostages are being held, and threatened to blow it up if another rescue is attempted.

Algeria state news agency: Army launches final assault, 7 hostages, 11 kidnappers, killed….

Report: 16 foreign hostages freed from Algeria gas plant, including 2 Americans, 2 Germans and 1 Portuguese, local source says – @Reuters

Report: Algerian army launches final assault on gas plant; 7 hostages and 11 kidnappers killed, state news agency says – @AP, @Reuters

Mines planted by militants around Algerian gas plant are being cleared by Algerian army, state energy firm Sonatrach says – @Reuters

More: Security source tells @AFP it is thought hostages were killed in retaliation for ‘final’ Algerian gas plant raid

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