BREAKING: Azerbaijan and Armenia on the brink of war

Three killed in Armenia-Azerbaijan border clash

Azerbaijani troops killed three Armenian soldiers on Monday during an alleged incursion attempt on the border between the enemy ex-Soviet states, the defense ministry in Yerevan said.

Azeri-Armenian clashes ‘may escalate’ – Hillary Clinton

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has voiced concern over border clashes between Armenia and Azerbaijan – hours after three Armenian soldiers died in the latest skirmishes.

Speaking in Armenia, she warned that the clashes “could escalate into a much broader conflict” in the Caucasus.

The two former Soviet republics fought a bloody war over the disputed region of Nagorno-Karabakh in the 1990s.


And… Russia backs Armenia… and Turkey, in NATO, wants to destroy Armenia… and Azerbaijan is backed by the US…

And all of this clusterfuck is right on the Georgia/Russia/Iranian border…

Yeah that’ll end well… NOT.


 WWI started over border disputes in almost this Exact area.

The more immediate cause for the war was tensions over territory in the Balkans. Austria-Hungary competed with Serbia and Russia for territory and influence in the region and they pulled the rest of the Great Powers into the conflict through their various alliances and treaties.

– Anonymous


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