BREAKING-CERN: First Large Hadron Collider; ‘now 99.999999999% sure it has found the Higgs boson’!! One Higgs, or TWO?

In one of the last updates before the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) shuts down until 2015, CERN has announced that its observation of the Higgs boson (or a particle that is Higgs-like) is now approaching 7 sigma certainty.

5 sigma — 99.9999% certainty, or more correctly a 0.00001% chance that you have made a faulty observation — is the threshold for an observation to be labeled a scientific discovery. CERN crossed the 5 sigma threshold this summer. At 7 sigma, both the CMS and ATLAS teams are reporting that there’s only a 0.0000000001% chance that they haven’t found a Higgs-like particle.

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CERN: First Large Hadron Collider (LHC) Protons Run Ends With New Milestone

Dec. 17, 2012 — This morning CERN completed the first Large Hadron Collider (LHC) proton run. The remarkable first three-year run of the world’s most powerful particle accelerator was crowned by a new performance milestone. The space between proton bunches in the beams was halved to further increase beam intensity.

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World’s Largest Atom Smasher Gets Faster

Stephanie Pappas, LiveScience Senior Writer
Date: 17 December 2012 Time: 12:40 PM ET

The Large Hadron Collider is working more efficiently, physicists announced today, with more particles than ever before crammed into the particle accelerator’s beams.

One Higgs, or TWO? ‘Twin peaks’ in Large Hadron Collider’s data could turn physics on its head 
The most recent release from the Atlas experiment at the European Organisation for Nuclear Research (Cern) shows their data contains two clear peaks indicating new particles.



Latest release from Cern indicates that scientists have found two particles contending for the title of Higgs boson
One has slightly more mass than the other, and each decays into different kinds of particles
 Findings could challenge the Standard Model of physics, but researchers say they may merely be a statistical blip

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VIDEO: Breaking down the complex mission of CERN:


LHC proton run ends with new milestone



There May Be Two Higgs Boson Particles




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