BREAKING – China sends 8 ships to disputed islands, Japan threatens to use force

Coming through now. Japan saying if there’s a landing its navy will use force against China.

Japan PM vows to use force to expel any Chinese landing

TOKYO (AFP) – Japan’s prime minister on Tuesday vowed to “expel by force” any Chinese landing on islands at the centre of a territorial row, after eight government vessels from China sailed into the disputed waters.


China-Japan showdown

The group of 168 mostly low-ranking conservative lawmakers visited the Yasukuni Shrine in central Tokyo in what local news media described as the largest mass visit by Parliament members in recent memory. The shrine of the indigenous Shinto religion honors Japan’s war dead, including several who were executed as war criminals after World War II. This has made Yasukuni, and the political leaders who visit it, a target of criticism by China and South Korea, which suffered under Japan’s early 20th-century empire building.

Last year, a group of 81 lawmakers visited the shrine during the same season, when Yasukuni celebrates a three-day spring festival.

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Japan nationalists closing in on disputed islands. China warning Japan not to come any closer.

Japan has just summoned China envoy

Japan has summoned the Chinese ambassador in protest over a flotilla of Chinese government ships that entered territorial waters near a disputed island chain.

Japan’s foreign ministry said on Tuesday it had called in the envoy after eight Chinese vessels entered waters near the Senkaku islands, which China calls Diaoyu, the most in a single day since Tokyo nationalised part of the archipelago in September.

‘Large number’ of Chinese ships around disputed islands



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