BREAKING: Colorado to split into two states! Formation of 51st state, Northern Colorado, has begun with 8 northern counties!

6/6 10 pm — Weld County is leading the push to become the 51st state. Marc Stewart has details.

Officials in eight northern Colorado counties united in opposition to the state’s new gun control laws and oil and gas regulations are reportedly considering forming a 51st U.S. state called North Colorado.

The Denver Post reports that a proposal to separate Weld, Morgan, Logan, Sedgwick, Phillips, Washington, Yuma and Kit Carson counties from the rest of the state was hatched at a meeting of county commissioners last week.

Weld County commissioners Sean Conway, Mike Freeman and Doug Rademacher said they will conduct public meetings and decide whether to draft a ballot measure by Aug. 1., according to a report in The Greeley Tribune.

Weld County Commissioner Sean Conway told ABC News that his constituents feel “ignored and disenfranchised” by the state government and Colorado State Senate Bill 252 is the “last straw” in “threatening their way of life.” Conway and other county leaders plan of response proposes that willing Colorado plains counties form a new state and call it “North Colorado.”


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  • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

    If this happens, at least maybe it will wake up a few more people to the fact that this nation is in dire trouble. And, I can understand how the people in the counties in question can feel ignored, because most of the rest of the state has been taken over by left-wingers, radicals and Kalifornia types.

    • synanon

      I have a better idea. Why don’t you all jump into the ocean? Maybe some of you will form gills and you can form your redneck utopia at the bottom of the ocean.

      • Bwhhaaa hhaaa hhaaaa

        LOL!!…thank you for the laugh, you are hysterical. Now we just have to figure out if you are hysterical-funny or hysterical-crazy. But, I guess you might be partially right, since I have been contemplating turning my outhouse into a submarine and taking it for a dive in the old “cement pond”.

      • Mike

        Oh yeah, the old “if you don’t like it, why don’t you leave?” argument. [sarcasm] Well Played [/sarcasm].

  • urajoke

    this site is a fucking joke, and you are a fucking idiot.

  • mary clyde

    Somehow this reminds me a bit of the situation in the 1850’s when the southern tier of counties in Iowa wanted to secede to join Missouri. One wag reported that if this occurred, the average intelligence of both states would rise.

  • synanon

    You have to be semi retarded to believe anything this site says. Thanks for wasting my time.

  • Turtle

    Good, then we will have two more senators on our side. :)

  • Insider

    So mr. synanon, the joke’s on you. YOU are the one wasting your own time – thank yourself for your own stupidity – visiting a site where you believe nothing. Maybe Oprah has a blog where you can find similar minds.. Many of the articles here are so close to the target it’s scary

  • American Non Refugee Resident

    The state flag will be a swastika and the first governor will be that racist butt crack Ken Buck.. good Idea boys… whats next Joseph Arpayo the new mayor of Greeley… yeah that’ll fly lol no way in hell will that ever happen!