BREAKING: Detroit city staff including Police and Fire will receive a 10% pay cut effective August 6th!


“We die.  The city lies.  No police.  No peace,” said Scott Pellerito from the Detroit Police Officers Association.

Despite the repeated cries and even a drawn up “eviction notice”, the state appointed Financial Advisory Board took residence for an hour and a half meeting on Wayne State’s campus and moving ahead with decisions about how to clean up the city’s financial mess.  The board’s powers and decisions that stood before the suspension of Public Act 4 still stand, and so ten percent wage cuts for all city workers start this Wednesday.

“We’re moving forward with the project manager.  We’re moving forward with all the initiatives, imposing the contracts on the unions, and we’re trying to save money,” said Detroit Mayor Pro-temGary Brown.



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  • The Seer

    This is only a start. Time will come that when the police or fireman strike they will be fired. UN troops will enforce the law and put out fires if they are to be put out. The police think that they are getting all of these armored vehicles. It is just a front. No American will be trusted to do anything.

  • Greg Burton

    Well, it was either:

    *Prosecute the bankers for the toxic mortgage/LIBOR scams that impoverished the world, making beggars out of all of us.
    *Punish the banking cartel’s (HSBC) multi-billion dollar drug-money laundering operations, really fight the “War on Drugs”.
    *Investigate and punish the Bush-CIA-mafia S&L pillage.
    *Investigate why jobs and manufacturing are being out-sourced to China, why China is buying US assets at fire sale prices, how China came to own most US debt that financed the US war against…China, even as we are about to go to war with China as it threatens the US economy (national security).
    *Stop the looting and privatization of the world’s social safety net and public space, as a result of imposed “austerity” due to the toxic mortgage scam.
    *Investigate who was really behind 9/11, the false-flag terrorist attack that touched off the serial, never-ending wars of pillage against the nation-states of the world, creating the pretext for the massive police state edifice now threatening the freedoms of everyone, and providing the “legal basis” for FEMA camp round ups.


    US stands by while cities and towns lose the ability to protect their citizens, while confiscating their guns, have the DHS to buy 2.0 billion hollow-point bullets, while providing”tanks” to US cities and towns, fly thousands of soon to be weaponized spy drones over everywhere, make being elderly, homeless, jobless and hungry a crime, while buying thousands of “FEMA coffins”, and helping to create the conditions for martial law (race-riots, food riots, false-flags).