BREAKING: ENTIRE STATE of South Australia Blacked Out! “Catastrophic outage due to perfect storm”

As of today, storms have blacked the entire State out due to Cyclone.

Unprecedented Outage in Australian history!

Premier blames it on the fact that they have base loads of 40% based on Wind power turbines that cannot run during extreme weather…

Royal Adelaide hospital down without backups working.

All of South Australia is without power as a storm front lashes the state, SA Power Networks has said.

Paul Roberts from SA Power Networks said the authority was investigating the issue.

External Link: Michael Coggan tweet: Scary going through intersections #SApowerout
“We’re obviously still trying to find … out [what happened] but what has happened is that the whole state has been blacked out,” he said.

“That’s due to some upstream issue with the transmission network, we’re not receiving any supply through the transmission network.

“We believe — and this is only early information — that there may have been some issue with the interconnector but the state’s power system is shut down I think possibly as a protection.

[end snip]

The last statement in snip refers to redundancies built into an inter-state network, possibly shut down to preserve the infrastructure in adjoining states

“whole state out for another 24 hours… cell phone towers to go down in the next 12”

** UPDATE **

Government urges anyone with radio contact with people in SA, to contact them, and Emergency/ News services to pass information about the outage and storm as news arises….

ALSO.. to pass on that emergency equipment in homes, and from Emergency services and hospital ARE NOT FUNCTIONAL for at least 12 hours… if people in SA here these emergency broadcasts, to update officials about ongoing circumstances

Emergency services and Armed services have been activated State wide…

** UPDATE **

Emergency services have been activated INTER-State and are either preparing or are inbound….

Peak hour right now… if they can, they are warned as there are no traffic resources working…

People warned heavy damaging storm weather inbound now….

South Australia
Warnings current:
Marine Wind Warning Summary for South Australia,
Road Weather Alert for Adelaide,
Warning to Sheep Graziers for Mount Lofty Ranges, West Coast, Lower Eyre Peninsula, Eastern Eyre Peninsula, Yorke Peninsula, Kangaroo Island, Flinders, Mid North, Riverland, Murraylands, Upper South East, Lower South East, North West Pastoral and North East Pastoral forecast districts,
Flood Watch – South Australia (SA),
Severe Thunderstorm Warning (SA),
Severe Weather Warning (SA).

Power is out across the entire state of South Australia after fierce storms triggered widespread blackouts.

It is believed lightning bolt struck a transmitter around 4.18pm ACST, which caused the entire network to crash.

right now:
*people are stuck in elevators
*city at stand still, NO traffic lights in the entire state work.
*cell towers wont be working for long and no internet and landlines work.
*no radio or tv
*no trains or trams working so people are stranded and most of them go through main roads (tunnels and bridges are too hard) so the electric boom gates fall when there is no electricity ,, its just the backward SA way dont ask, basically Occupational health and “SAFETY” (OH&S)rules here, its the main indu$try now.
*dont know about water supply yet ?

feel free to add more