BREAKING: Helicopter crashes into crane in LONDON! Fatalities Confirmed *VIDEO*

A helicopter has crashed into a crane in Vauxhall, south London, the city’s fire service has confirmed.

The crash involved two cars and an unknown number of people, London Fire Service said.

Witnesses said at least six or seven fire engines are at the scene, and a pall of smoke is visible near the River Thames.



  • Helicopter hit crane at top of St George Wharf Tower in central London today and cartwheeled before exploding
  • Struck ground 20 yards from Vauxhall station and area is being evacuated because of precarious position of crane
  • Two people died and at least 11 injured – one critically – in crash involving helicopter flying to Elstree, Hertfordshire
  • Plume of smoke visible at 8am with bystanders saying weather was bad and you could ‘hardly see top of building’
  • Eyewitnesses saw ‘a flash and helicopter plunged to the ground’ and said ‘people were screaming after it crashed’
  • London Fire Brigade: Eight fire engines and four fire rescue units and around 60 firefighters plus officers attending
  • London’s Counter Terrorism Command confirms there is ‘nothing to suggest any terrorism link’ at this stage

rush hour traffic in central London.

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Witnesses said the helicopter – which is believed to have been heading to Elstree, Hertfordshire, to collect an executive – was using the route of the River Thames and hit a crane at the top of the tower near Vauxhall Bridge in Vauxhall, central London, at 8am.

The helicopter, which hit the under-construction St George Wharf Tower, was reported to have been carrying a pilot but no passengers. The aircraft struck the ground just 20 yards from Vauxhall station, which is a major commuting hub in the capital.

Witnesses reported very low cloud at the time of the accident, suggesting the pilot may not have seen the crane which was barely visible from street level. At least two cars were hit by debris from the crash. The area was evacuated because of the precarious position of the crane at the top of the tower.

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