• AL Tru

    Hillary outed by a Weiner.

    • doodaa

      Bill’s couldn’t do it.

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    Obama says…
    …………….. his is the ‘most transparent administration’ ever…

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders


    above the law

    the clinton’$ many connections and protectors….

    taxpayer funded unaccountable govt agencies all look the other way

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    obama golfs with robert wolf of UBS bank.

    then wolf leaves UBS & goes into the drone business.
    and obama leaps into using the wolf drone strikes to make a war effort.
    all a coincidence, to make wolf a $ taxpayer funded drone business profit.
    follow the money.

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    love child list

    1. obama …..frank marshal davis…

    2. danney williams ….bill clinton ..

    3. chelsea hubbel…

    …….who’s love child was a revenge move to get back at who ?..

  • Zaphod Braden

    Hillary has been “inside” the highest levels of government for THIRTY YEARS and she told this Nation, with a straight face, that she did not know (C) means classified. Experienced? Competent?!
    Why is this not ringing ALARMS everywhere?????? What does THAT say about her “valuable experience !!! Hillary is spitting in this Nation’s face.
    James Comey is a TRAITOR

  • PERS ponzi 1st repsonders

    USA govt protocol states …..no blackberry can be used by Hillary and staff

  • amuncat

    I am beginning to think that Huma is a spy! Why would she keep alll of these emails? For what purpose? Who else had access to her unsecured computer. Huma would make and ideal spy, she knows Clinton’s every move and breath!