BREAKING: Honeywell transmitter likely cause of 787 fire at Heathrow, U.S. AAIB says!!! RECOMMENDS REMOVING POWER FROM ALL HONEYWELL ELT BEACONS

The UK’s Aviation regulator has found that Honeywell’s emergency locator beacon was responsible for the fire in the Ethiopian Airlines 787 at Heathrow last week. The AAIB is calling for the disabling of the ELT from all 787s and a review of the use of lithium ELTs on all other plane models. While this might, at first, seem like a negative for the stock price of Honeywell (and indeed was), given the surreality in which we live, it did not take long for the price of HON shares to not only rebound but to rally above where they were when the news hit. What could possibly go wrong?

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