BREAKING: HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS ARE MARCHING IN MADRID, SPAIN against Corruption, Bank debts,politicians’ high wages; Spanish POLICE ON ALERT

Stay tuned, Police is on high alert after a massive demonstration is occurring right now in Madrid, Spain.

They are going to demonstrate in front of the House of Representatives. People is fed up with politicians’ corruption and private debt. Far-right and far-left groups are marching along with liberals, libertarians, social-democrats, conservatives, communists, anarchists against the political corruption.

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A Government’s representative has said that this demonstration is a coup d’etat. Hope everything goes fine.

There has been a media blackout in Spain and in the international media: They fear a contagion effect is something big happens in Spain; but people is finally revolving.

Juan Miguel Garrido‏@Juanmi_News

CNN se hace eco de las protestas de este #23F. -> #MareaCiudadana #23F #TodasUnidas23F #España #Spain ->

Juan Miguel Garrido‏@Juanmi_News

#LoÚltimo Suenan sirenas policiales en Neptuno. Tensión. En directo->

MSM coverage


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