BREAKING: IDF Orders Civilian Aircraft Evacuated from Haifa Airport! Israeli Warplanes over Lebanon. EU Will Consider Adding Hizbullah to Terror List. Syrian Rebels Planning To Open Offices In New York, Washington!!


IDF orders evacuation of civilian aircraft from Haifa airport

Hezbollah has built “worldwide terrorist” network & is planning attacks in 24 countries – Israel PM Benjamin Netanyahu

‘Take action’ – News of Bulgaria’s investigation brought a swift response from Mr Netanyahu.

“This is further corroboration of what we also know, that Iran and Hezbollah have built a worldwide terrorist network.

“I believe that what is required right now… is to call it like it is.

“It’s time to name Hezbollah as a terrorist organisation, to take action against it.”

EU Will Consider Adding Hizbullah to Terror List

Following the Bulgarian investigation which determined that Hizbullah was behind a July terror attack in Burgas which killed five Israelis, the EU announced that it would consider adding Hizbullah to its official list of terrorist organizations.

“This is just one of the options and a decision has not yet been reached,” said an EU spokeswoman. Foreign ministers of the European Union will meet on February 19 to discuss …

White House Statement:

“Bulgaria’s investigation exposes Hizballah for what it is – a terrorist group that is willing to recklessly attack innocent men, women, and children, and that poses a real and growing threat not only to Europe, but to the rest of the world.

Hizballah’s dangerous and destabilizing activities – from attacking tourists in foreign countries to leader Hassan Nasrallah’s active support of Bashar al-Assad’s violent campaign against the Syrian people – threaten the safety and security of nations and citizens around the world.”

Shapiro: Obama Israel trip ‘without precondition’

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Obama to meet Israelis to discuss Iran, Syria, Palestinians, US envoy says, adding US president to “consult,” not “interfere.”

Obama’s visit to Israel for consultation, stronger ties – not demands

Assad is under pressure to retaliate against Israel. 

According to Israel’s Channel 2 Middle East expert Ehud Yaari, for the first time in recent Syrian history, Syrians are coming on Television and are asking their government to attack Israel on the Golan.

According to Yaari this is unprecedented as the Assad family tried to suppress such calls for many years as it did not want to embroil itself in a war against Israel.

The fact that such calls are being made publicly now could mean that Assad is preparing his retaliation.

What Assad has to take into consideration is that by attacking Israel, he will risk the stability of his regime.

US, Israel to hold anti-mine drills in ‘Mideast waterways’

The US military announced on Monday an anti-mine exercise in “the Middle East’s international waterways” in May with more than 20 nations participating, the latest show of global will to keep waterways open as tensions with Iran simmer.

Israel’s Navy is also expected to take part in the drill, which was characterized as defensive and a follow-up to the IMCMEX 12 exercise held last September, focused on keeping oil shipping lanes open by clearing mines that potentially Iran, or even terror groups, might deploy to disrupt tanker traffic.,7340,L-4341577,00.html

Syrian Rebels Planning To Open Offices In New York, Washington…

Welcome to America, Al Nusra Front!




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