BREAKING INTEL: China in closed door negotiations to purchase Mexican crude oil without using $

Sources inside the Mexican government refuse to confirm that the Mexico government has been in secret negotiations with China over possible crude oil sales to China without using the US dollar.

China officials claim meetings held with the Mexican government and Petróleos Mexicanos (or Pemex) are for investment and economic growth inside Mexico. Crude oil purchases fall under this heading however officials on both sides in the past have stopped short of publicly discussing crude oil or any talks related to any special agreements relating to crude oil purchases.

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Sources inside Mexico claim this week that China has in fact brokered a secret deal with Pemex to purchase crude oil using currency means other than the US Dollar. The details of this agreement are still unknown at this time but China is expected to make a public announcement within the next few days.

Over the past ten years with new trade agreements China has invested billions of dollars inside Mexico. China has helped the Mexican government create jobs and has financially supported investments in the privatization of ports and infrastructure throughout Mexico. Mexico continues to privatize large sectors of its economy and China is line to benefit from additional investments inside Mexico.


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