BREAKING INTEL: FSA Takes Control of Chemical-Weapons Site at Al Safirah. Syria Opposition Leader Al-Khatib Urges Assad To Negotiate.

“FSA now control some of Syria’s chemical weapons. Al Safirah is where these are based. FSA have had the area cordoned for a while!”

Al Safirah is where the chemical weapons enabled scuds are based. FSA have had the area cordoned for a while!

Syrian State TV Provides Evidence Of Anti-Aircraft Vehicles Destroyed In The Israeli Airstrike

Syria’s opposition coalition confirms Assad could get immunity from prosecution by stepping down now (most unlikely) –

Egypt & Iran presidents, Turkey’s PM, & Saudi Crown Prince are expected to meet in Cairo in a quartet summit to discuss Syria

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Israel plans defence buffer inside Syria

A 10-mile strip filled with troops and tanks is being considered to fend off Islamists should Assad fall, writes Uzi Mahnaimi in Tel Aviv

Large fire erupts at Bakhsheen refugee camp in Turkey. The fire is spreading from tent to tent. It is unknown if there are any injuries.

Syria Never Stood A Chance Against Israel’s Electronic Warfare

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Syria opposition leader al-Khatib urges Assad to negotiate


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