BREAKING INTEL: Mossad’s chief meets with MIT(Turkish Intelligence) head amid Gezi protests and Syria. IAF Pilots Training for Syria Threats

Tamir Pardo, director of Israeli national intelligence agency Mossad, has covertly met with Turkish National Intelligence Organization (MİT) head Hakan Fidan in Turkey to discuss the situation in Syria and the ongoing anti-government protests in Turkey, Turkish media reported on Wednesday.

According to reports, Pardo, who is of Turkish and Serbian origin, traveled to Turkey in a private airplane to see Fidan. They reportedly discussed the latest situation in Syria, which has been in turmoil for more than two years, and the impact of Iran on the situation. The two parties shared intelligence ahead of a planned US-Russia-led peace conference in Geneva, which is expected to bring together the Syrian regime and opposition in July for a solution to the conflict in Syria.

Report: Israeli Pilots Training for Syria, Lebanon Threats

Israeli air force pilots are training daily to meet threats posed by instability in neighboring Syria and Lebanon.

The caliphate on the horizon

The latest reports out of Syria on the successes of Iran, Hezbollah and the Syrian regime in their push to regain control of the country, with Russian backing, are creating the false impression that the opposition’s time is up.

The truth, however, is that Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah is fighting for his life in Syria, far afield from his home in the Dahiya neighborhood of south Beirut. As the Syrian regime goes, so goes Nasrallah. If Syrian President Bashar Assad loses, Nasrallah and the remnants of his organization, exhausted from the fighting, will be targeted by the powers in Lebanon. In an act of desperation, Nasrallah is enlisting children, while evacuating his wounded and dead from the Syrian front.

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Shiites, along with Nasrallah’s rivals, are wondering how much longer he can continue fighting in Syria at the behest of the Iranians. This question is also being asked about the small Alawite minority in Syria (and about other small minorities as well), fighting for its survival while sacrificing its best sons and officers. It appears that resilience and the ability to endure hardships will be the basic determining factors inside Syria.

Syrian death toll soars to at least 93,000, UN says

ANKARA – Turkish Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan issued a final warning to protesters occupying a park in central Istanbul on Thursday, saying patience had run out and calling on them to leave.

US House c’tee triples missile funding to Israel

American lawmakers add $15m. funding to missile defense program.



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