BREAKING INTEL: Spanish Revolution Could Begin Tomorrow. 1,350 Riot Police Prep for Possible Coup!

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Dear people,

Yesterday evening a handful of comrades from the Marches to Brussels and Athens had already arrived in Puerta del Sol. They say the rest of the hard core will be here today. The call to besiege the Spanish parliament as from September 25 is the most revolutionary thing happening in Europe at the moment. That’s why we’re here.


The government has threatened a “harsh response” against the citizens who show up to circle the House of Representatives and is calling the attempt a “coup d´etat”.


SPANISH REVOLUTION COUNTDOWN: –  25 th September Siege to House of Representatives, Madrid
I really do not know what is going to happen, but the consequences are going to be HUGE (far more than the Greek revolution)…There is a massive call to the citizens(not right or left), that has already appear in the MSM in Spain to siege the Congress or the House of Representatives in Madrid, capital of Spain.The government and the main opposition party have warned that the siege is illegal and there could be problems if the people follow the call – But both the government and the main opposition party have been experiencing a massive drop in confidence and support from the Spanish population.Spain has currently an unemployment rate of more than 25 per cent – More than 6 million out of 23 million (on some regions the rate is at 35 per cent) and the unemployment of the young population is over 50 per cent. Also the government has raised significantly the taxes, the price of energy, and at the same time has make severe cuts. The reforms are affecting both the public and private sector.

It has financed banks bailouts(All of the banks that were bankrupt were directed by both the government and opposition parties) and it is going to ask for a partial or general bailout to the EU very soon. All of this, while massive cases of corruption have surfaced(from the government and opposition party) including the family of Spain´s royal family. The politicians in Spain also have very big fiscal advantages over the rest of the population, and they have not cut any of these. The population is growing tired of all this shit, and the opinion polls are giving horrible results to the two main parties.

Also, some in the Army and the police are speaking out against the government and are very fed up with the Spanish system. Spain is approaching a big revolution that will make headlines the coming month.

Here is a video in English. Share it, keep everyone informed. Everything is going down, prepare.



Today there are big demonstrations in Madrid, unions are protesting against economic cuts, taxes, but this is not the official protest of 25th September… THE IMPORTANT THING IS THAT AT LEAST 10 PEOPLE HAVE BEEN DETAINED BECAUSE THEY WERE CARRYING BANNERS SUPPORTING THE 25TH SEPTEMBER REVOLUTION—


– DB

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