BREAKING: Julian Assange Offers To Surrender In Exchange For The Freedom Of Chelsea Manning.

by Pamela Williams

Julian Assange of WikiLeaks has just offered to surrender to the US in exchange for the freedom of Chelsea Manning. Manning is being held at Leavenworth under the extreme circumstances of solitary confinement since 2010. Assange says the Government is trying to silence her voice for good. Manning as a member of the military exposed corruption in the Iraq war which many say led to its end.

Assange says he had no criminal intent in leaking the information of the dubious actions of forces within the US Government seeking to betray US citizens. He goes on to say he is simply a journalist reporting newsworthy material to the public.

Assange’s lawyer makes the argument that the FBI did not file any charges against Hillary Clinton in her email server case, as they claimed she did not act with criminal intent. He goes on to say that Assange nor Manning acted with criminal intent. Therefore, Assange’s attorney declares Manning should be freed along with Assange, as they revealed newsworthy material to the public with no criminal intent.


“As Mr. Assange’s criminal defense counsel in the United States, I have repeatedly sought information from the Department of Justice regarding this now nearly-six-year-old investigation,” Pollack writes. “Despite the fact that the Department has continually publicly confirmed through court filings and statements to the press that it is conducting an on-going criminal investigation of Mr. Assange, the Department has provided me no substantive information whatsoever about the status of the investigation.”
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“In his statement, and in subsequent testimony before Congress, Director Comey made it clear his conclusion was based on the necessity of proving criminal intent. Director Comey noted that responsible prosecutors consider the context of a person’s actions,” Pollack wrote. “Criminal prosecution is appropriate only when a person was knowingly violating the law and was intending to aid enemies of the United States or was attempting to obstruct justice.”


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