BREAKING: Marine Landing Ship Stations off Syria. Syria Media on War Status. West & Arab Countries Advise Citizens to Evac Lebanon

European, Gulf states urge nationals to leave Lebanon immediately

Those issuing the advice include Bahrain, Kuwait, Britain and France, while Austria told its citizens to contact its embassy in Lebanon before traveling there.

Bahrain and Kuwait also urged its nationals in the country to leave immediately, their state news agencies reported.

The Information Ministry in Damascus ordered Syrian radio and TV broadcasters Saturday to interrupt regular programs and switch to war status, airing patriotic content and military marches.

Boots on Ground?

Amphibious assault ship joins US flotilla off Syria 

The San Antonio amphibious assault ship has joined the five US destroyers and four nuclear submarines waiting in the eastern Mediterranean for the order to launch a strike on Syria.

The destroyers, the USS Gravely, USS Mahan, USS Barry, the USS Stout and USS Ramage, are armed with Tomahawk cruise missiles.

The San Antonio is designed to deliver up to 800 Marines ashore by landing craft and helicopters.

Iran will defend Syria in the face of any aggression

Erdogan: Syrian Strike Should Topple Assad

Limited strikes in Syria are not enough, declares Turkey’s Prime Minister as the U.S. mulls action in Syria.

Facebook Post Said to Be by Assad’s Son Dares Americans to Attack

BREAKING: intense clashes have just broken out again in the Yarmouk camp in Damascus and FSA forces now claiming gains on the ground

Report: Assad moving human shields to possible target sites in Syria

Embattled Syrian President Bashar Assad is moving prisoners taken by the regime to military sites across the country that could be targeted by U.S. forces

Buses reportedly filled with Syrian prisoners streamed from facilities in Damascus toward the Mezzeh airbase to the south of the city, according to recent reports.

Mezzeh airbase is likely one of the key military targets U.S. military and intelligence officials have tagged for missile strikes in the country.

The move is a possible sign that Assad is planning to use human shields as a way to deter American warships from launching missile strikes against vital military installations in the country.
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Saudi Arabia Goes to To DefCon 2

The UK may be out, but Saudi Arabia isn’t taking any chances. Moments ago, Reuters reported that the regime which as we reportedis behind the entire conflict in Syria (hint: nat gas) has raised its level of military alertness in anticipation of a possible Western strike in Syria, sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.  Saudi Arabia’s defense readiness, their version of DefCon, has been raised to “two” from “five”, a Saudi military source who declined to be named told Reuters. “One” is the highest level of alert. “It is a must, no one knows what will happen,” he said. And so all those who thought there would be no war and sold off gold and crude, are suddenly caught short. More curious is why Saudi is leaking this information to the media: another provocation, and an attempt to accelerate a conflict which is rapidly fizzling? Remember: for Saudi Arabia “no war” is the worst possible outcome. If so, expect more mysterious “chemical attacks” in the coming hours and days to cement the Western resolve to blow up Assad.