BREAKING: Martial Law Over Flood In Germany. Military Is Deploying In 3 States By Now

In many cities and counties in Bavaria, Thuringia and Saxony is an emergency alert because of flooding. Passau to about 150 German soldiers assist local forces. View more information


The death toll from flooding in central Europe has reached nine so far and more heavy rain is expected. In Germany, soldiers have been called out to help evacuate towns and pile sandbags while the historic old town of Passau is already under water. Chancellor Angela Merkel has promised full support.

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Thousands flee as central Europe flood waters rise

Thousands of people have fled their homes across central Europe as deadly flood waters continue to rise.

Emergency operations are under way in Austria, Germany and the Czech Republic to deal with record levels of flooding in some places.

Landslides and flooding have led to the deaths of at least six people. At least eight people are missing.

In Germany, more than 7,000 people have been moved from their homes in the town of Eilenburg, reports say.


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