BREAKING: Massive riots in Bulgaria against the government, electricity and bank mafia, and protesters demand for Bulgaria to leave the EU

Massive riots have been going in Bulgaria in the last couple of days. The biggest ones that the country has seen in the last 20 years. More than 300 thousand people went out and protested against the ongoing stealing by the bankers and the electricity companies /CEZ, EON and EVN/, piling pressure on the government after a week of persistent demonstrations.


Tens of thousands join electricity protests across Bulgaria

Bulgaria sacks finance minister amid protests–business.html

* Protesters demand for Bulgaria to leave the EU *

A side of the demand to nationalize the power companies, people also want the gold mine which recently has been found to be nationalized also. There are deposits of 18 000 tones of gold ore with concentration of 445 gr per ton. As estimated in USD there is gold with value of ~793 BILLION USD!

Right now the gold mine is owned by Dundee Precious Metals which is a Canadian company. From all the gold that is excavated only 1 PERCENT remains for Bulgaria!


There have been some clashes with the riot police, but in the city of Varna something unprecedented happened. The chief of the city police said that they are on the side of the protesting people, but there still must be no destruction and looting. To show their support of the people, the riot police putted their shield and helmets on the ground! From the other side people gave them flowers.




Sunday saw the biggest demonstrations in eight days of protests. More than 2,000 people blocked the highway to Greece near the southern town of Dupnitsa and in the capital Sofia protesters blocked traffic on the famous Eagles’ Bridge


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On 24.02.2013 there is going to be a nationwide protest and it is expected more than 800 000 people to go out on the streets. People gave the government a 7 days period to get rid of the electricity companies and to nationalize the infrastructure.–finance.html?
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  • Bulgarian

    to nationalize the infrastructure << FALSE!
    Bulgaria to leave the EU << FALSE!

    This is a protest of the people of Bulgaria, we do not want an energy monopoly! We want fair salaries! Get your facts straight and do not turn this into anti-EU/pro-Communism thing.

  • Louis

    Yeah, thats some false info re: the gold mine. I don’t know who is propagating it, but the mining company says they have 3m tonnes of gold ore, with grade of 4.9 grams per tonne. 4.9 is not the same as 445. Nor is 3m of proven gold ore reserves the same as 18m tonnes of gold ore. The revenue the deposit will generate is: $700m. To mine, probably what, $500, or 600m?
    1% to 2% royalty is standard. That means you get the 1% on revenues.