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BREAKING – Meteor Crash, This Time In CUBA – CONFIRMED BY AP!!!

Confirmed by AP: AP, 10:58a ET: Cuba reports powerful meteorite explosion [...] Cuban official media say the island apparently experienced a phenomenon similar to the meteorite that detonated over Russia this week. A video posted on news website CubaSi reports that residents of the city of Rodas witnessed a bright light in the sky and a loud explosion that shook windows and walls. [...]


HAVANA (AP) — Cuba apparently experienced a phenomenon similar to but smaller than themeteorite that detonated over Russia this week, island media reported, with startled residents describing a bright light in the sky and a loud explosion that shook windows and walls.


Cuba, 15.02.2013 Residents of a locality ‘in the central region of Cuba said they had seen an object that fell from the sky and exploded with a great noise, which shook the houses of the place: it is learned from testimonies collected by local television. In service published this morning by Rodas, town in the province of Cienfuegos, witnesses described a very bright light that has come to have large size, comparable to that of a bus, before exploding in the sky.


2nd source

Huge explosion in the sky in Cuba Meanwhile, also from Cuba has been reported in an explosion sky. In the central region of the island has seen an object that fell from the sky and exploded with a great noise, which shook the houses in the place, reports on local television. In a report released this morning by Rodas, town in the province of Cienfuegos, witnesses described a very bright light that has come to have large size, comparable to that of a bus, before exploding in the sky. Marcos Rodriguez, a resident in region, as defined by the issuer an expert, reported that “everything seems to indicate that it was a fireball, which is a fragment of stone and metal that enters the Earth’s atmosphere at high speed.” Experts are now examining the area for possible remains Rodas minerals falling from the sky, the TV station added. translated-


HAVANA – Another meteorite, another outbreak accompanied by objects falling from the sky was reported by residents of a town in the central region of Cuba



Explosion in the sky in Cuba: a new meteorite falls to Earth?

Not only Russia : in Cuba eyewitnesses living in a localitaà in the central region of the island have reported seeing an object that fell from the sky and exploded causing a roar that shook the houses in the place.
was revealed by the Cuban television, that in these hours is spreading the testimonies of citizens.

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The witnesses , inhabitants of the province of Cienfuegos, the cameras have reported seeing a bright light, combined with a large flying object which then explode in the sky.

Cuban specialists are examining the area for possible remains Rodas minerals falling from the sky, the TV station added.

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Google translated
They claim that a supposed meteorite fell also in Cuba on Wednesday
Witnesses in a town in central Cuba this week reported the fall of a celestial phenomenon that ended with a huge explosion in the sky that shook local houses. The phenomenon occurred in addition to Friday in Russia.
According to the report of the morning news program on Cuban television from Rhodes, Cienfuegos, Midwest, there was a very bright light that reached the naked eye, the size of a bus in the sky and exploded.

One witness, a fisherman, told the television news that “about 8 pm (local time) on Wednesday saw a light in the sky moved into a flame” big, bigger than the sun “and the three or four minutes, “we heard the explosion.”


Feb 16, 2013

An object fell from the sky over central Cuba on Thursday night and turned into a fireball “bigger than the sun” before it exploded, a Cuban TV channel reported Friday, citing eyewitnesses.

Some residents in the central province of Cienfuegos were quoted as saying that at around 8 p.m. local time Thursday (0100 GMT Friday) they saw a bright spot in the sky comparable to a bus in size.

The object then turned into a fireball “bigger than the sun,” said the witnesses, adding that several minutes later they heard a loud explosion.

One resident told the TV station that his house shook slightly in the blast.

Cuban experts have been dispatched to the area to look for possible remains of the meteor-like object, said the report.

It remains unknown whether the reported phenomenon in Cuba is related to Friday’s meteor strike in central Russia, which set off a shockwave that shattered windows and left some 1,000 people injured.



Aristide Torchia

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  • GoToGLP

    Go to godlikeproductions and you will see the doom has started…

  • PatThe Rat

    TWO exploding fireball events happening in the same day? Don’t believe this, folks – the odds are astronomical (pun intended). More likely this was a scalar energy weapon fired at Russia and Cuba, or possibly a kinetic energy weapon. Either way, not hard to see who owns the device, considering the targets.

    • samingue

      This is pathetic.

    • Skeptical Dude

      Really? The Obama administration is about as close to governments/politics of Russia and Cuba, than any president since FDR. Why in the world would they “attack” them with weapons? I would think they would simply want to surrender to them as soon as they could.

      • Dave

        Learn your geopolitics fella. Thankfully, I have a phd in international politics. And you are wrong skepticaldude, you are simply wrong.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kit-Holz/100003349137699 Kit Holz

        Why would the US thugs attack Russia, Cuba? Because they can!

  • Mose’

    These are the End Times.

    • http://www.facebook.com/corrupteddreams Alex Serna

      God clearly dislikes communists.

      • Frank_Sturgis

        since when is Russia communist?

        • http://www.facebook.com/keith.kemper Keith Kemper

          Boy are you uninformed,

        • neilemac

          It appears the ‘dumbed-down’ didn’t get the memo.

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kit-Holz/100003349137699 Kit Holz

        Russia is communist? Have you recently been in Cuba? Seems this people enjoy more freedom and life than Americans do.

  • shabbagoogoo

    37000 to 78000 TONS of meteor material fall to the Earth each year. Relax you loons. Get some education.

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kit-Holz/100003349137699 Kit Holz

      Relax? Once you get hit – your education won’t help you.

  • Obamasucks

    Cool the world is ending and im sure some how Obama will blame it on Bush ..

  • keenan

    Afew short years ago I witnessed,( with my older brother ,while canoeing), a huge green fireball. It was over an area locals call the strawberry mountians, near Lake Itaska Minn. I was surprised that there wasn’t any media coverage of this event, but then it was in a remote area. I felt special to have this burned into my memory bank, and hope others will be so luicky in their life time.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Kit-Holz/100003349137699 Kit Holz

    Hmm Meteors? Some rumors tell us that this is a new weapon system out of control. Question is which insane country runs it.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Vil1975 Vil Rovner

    Put your tinfoil hats away. A larger body broke apart, and two pieces came at Earth on the same day. This isn’t a super weapon by aliens or shadow governments. Oh, and it wasn’t the work of the Time Lords, either.

  • Astronomer with facts

    Russia, California, Cuba. – Anytime there are meteors in quantity on the same day or even a day of two
    apart, they are in fact related. They usually came from the same “parent body”.
    The Asteroid belt is the main source for most of them. There are collisions in
    the belt frequently and many pieces both big and small get flung out of the main
    belt. Many times various size pieces end up in an earth intersecting orbit and
    eventually fall to earth (or just miss it) at the same time. It is simply not
    true to say it’s a coincidence. (It’s quite the opposite.) If you could sample
    all of the recent ones you would see that they very likely have the exact same
    composition and in fact came from the very same parent body (or space rock) that
    was in the original collision that sent them on their way to earth.