BREAKING: Morsi Authorizes Army to Keep Order in Cairo – Preps for Martial Law. Warns of “Disastrous Consequences” !!!

President Morsi will authorize army to help police keep order in Cairo, state-run newspaper al-Ahram says

Egypt’s President Morsi to allow military to arrest civilians: Al-Ahram daily

President Morsi will soon issue a decree to allow the armed forces to arrest civilians, says state-owned newspaper

Egyptian President Said to Prepare Martial Law Decree: Struggling to subdue continuing street protests

Egyptian President Said to Prepare Martial Law Decree

Struggling to subdue continuing street protests, the government of President Mohamed Morsi has approved legislation reimposing martial law by calling on the armed forces to keep order and authorizing soldiers to arrest civilians, Egypt’s state media reported Saturday.

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Egyptian Opposition Rejects Dialogue with Morsi

Breaking News: Egypt’s military places concrete blocks in front of the presidential palace in Cairo: Al Arabiya

Egypt’s military warns of “disastrous consequences” if dialogue doesn’t resolve political crisis.

Egypt’s army will not allow violence, says armed forces spokesperson


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