BREAKING: NATO to Deploy Patriot Missiles in Turkey on Syrian Border using German Troops. UK Royal Marines on Standby

Turkey will officially request deployment of NATO missiles on Monday: German daily

Sueddeutsche Zeitung: up to 170 German soldiers could be deployed in Patriot missile mission near Turkey Syria

Video: Panetta says U.S. supports deployment of Patriot missiles to Turkey | Atlantic Council

From Voice of America:  Another area of special concern for [Secretary of Defense Leon]Panetta is Syria, where cross-border attacks have prompted Turkey to ask NATO for Patriot missiles to place along the Syrian border. Panetta says the U.S. supports that request and that talks with Turkey are under way.

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Washington supports Turkey’s request for the deployment of NATO’s Patriot missiles along its border with Syria, U.S. Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta has said in an interview with Voice of America (VOA).

British Royal Marines on Syria Stanby

MORE than a thousand Royal Marines could be sent to Syria as the conflict’s humanitarian toll reaches crisis levels.

It comes two days after foreign secretary William Hague urged for more involvement by the International community, and a week after defence chief Gen Sir David Richards confirmed the Ministry of Defence was making “very limited contingency plans” for military action.

However last night senior army figures warned that any British troops sent to Syria must be deployed in sufficient numbers and with the power to use lethal force if they are to retain a quick exit strategy.

Both Britain and France currently have more than 2,000 troops in the Mediterranean as part of the Exercise Cougar 12 joint amphibious war games, which will culminate in seaborne landings in Turkey later this month.

Turkey will formally ask NATO on Monday to set up missiles on its border with Syria

The Munich-based Sueddeutsche Zeitung, which did not cite its sources, also said that up to 170 German soldiers could be deployed as part of the mission.


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