Breaking! Xi Jinping and He Guoqiang injured in assassination attempt: Boxun

Boxun, a Chinese-language citizen journalism website sourced by anonymous users that often makes claims that are difficult to prove, says that China’s vice president, Xi Jinping, and central discipline commissioner He Guoqiang were injured in two separate road accidents on the evening of Sept. 4, sparking rumors of an assassination attempt potentially related to the disgraced politician Bo Xilai.

A so-called internal Beijing source claims that Xi, China’s leader in waiting, was involved in a mysterious car crash last Tuesday night in the capital when his vehicle was sandwiched by two off-road Jeeps. The 59-year-old was said to have passed out during the collision and was rushed to the 301 Military Hospital with light injuries.

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An hour later, the source says, He Guoqiang, the secretary of the party’s Commission for Discipline Inspection, was involved in a separate road accident when a truck traveling at high speed struck his car from behind, causing it to flip. He was also taking to 301 Military Hospital and is said to be in a critical condition.


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