BREAKING NEWS: Iceland Congress Puts Forward Bill to Grant Snowden Citizenship

One day before members of the Icelandic Parliament are due to break for summer vacation, leaders of three political parties have submitted a special piece of legislation which would make NSA whistleblower and fugitive, Edward Snowden, a citizen of Iceland.

Presidential Candidate wants Snowden to Iceland Immediately

Former Presidential Candidate, busienss man and photographer Ástþór Magnússon wantsEdward Snowden to Iceland immediately.

“If we don’t step in right now and show that we fully support human rights, then we might as well close down the place”, says Ástþór.

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He is now collecting signatures from Icelanders in an attempt to help the American whistleblower Edward Snowden to receive Icelandic citizenship.

This morning, Ástþór launched a website: Austurvö, where Icelanders can leave their ‘digital signature’ to encourage the parliament to grant Snowden the necessary papers so he can travel safely and immediately to Iceland.

This is the appeal people are asked to sign:

I appeal to the oldest parliament in the world, the Althing in Iceland to grant a citizenship to Edward Joseph Snowden and issue him with travel documents for safe passage to Reykjavik.


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