Who would have ever thought that there would be people paid by both corporations and various governments to refute messages from the Patriot movement?

Also impacted are public opinion polls, product roll-outs and countering social media messages that are in opposition to elite political and business interests.

  • beijingyank

    This is no excuse for you Paul to be a moderating nazi and ban anyone that embarrasses or disagrees with your limey take on the infowars boards.

  • sleat

    OK, say, for the sake of argument, that one wants to go and do this for added income, in favour of the US Federal Government, how does one get a job interview? Who does one talk to? Can one simply go out and apply for such a job? Where is the website?

    • Guest

      You have to be approached directly by surveillance personal, after they have spied on you for upwards to a year?

    • LiarWatch

      You have to be approached directly by surveillance personnel, after they have spied on you for upwards to a year?

    • LiarWatch

      And they hire people who THEY perceive as having family problems, personal issues, isolation, people who are totally ignorant about who THEY are and what they are doing (working for the corporations and banks), people who are shy, people who are ashamed, people who are easily blackmailed, by a Supervisor. Step-up buddy, and really enjoy THAT KNIFE IN YOUR BACK, AND YOUR CAREER BEING SHOT DOWN, IF YOU DON’T LIE FOR THEM. BUDDY, YOU ARE THE NEXT “PRO TRO!” (HO.)

      • sleat

        Well, there’s a part-time job I won’t be getting.

        Sounds like a variant of the types the FBI uses for their whole-cloth planned and paid for terror attack plots which they then go on to foil to try to look competent.

  • Notgotany

    Line up lemmings and help lead others over the cliff. Sure you will go first so what we never needed useless lemmings anyway. Get paid and maybe avoid the fema camp a little longer, hey sounds good for the ignorant masses in this country they will eat that right up.

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