BREAKING NEWS : Saudi Arabia Launches Airstrikes on Yemen’s Capital … Israel Fires Patriot Missile At UAV!

Saudi-led coalition warplanes have targeted the defense ministry building in Yemen’s capital, Sanaa, an RT Arabic correspondent reported.
The Saudi-led coalition conducted at least two airstrikes on the rebel-controlled areas of the Yemeni capital late Friday, targeting the defense ministry building, AFP reported citing eyewitnesses. Coalition aircraft still flew over Sanaa following the strikes, the witnesses added.…i-capital/

“BEIRUT/PARIS Hezbollah’s leader said on Friday that Saudi Arabia had declared war on Lebanon and his Iran-backed group, accusing Riyadh of detaining Saad al-Hariri and forcing him to resign as Lebanon’s prime minister to destabilise the country.”…KKBN1DA0P3
This situation is where things could start to become truly unglued.

Meanwhile, millions of people are at risk of starving to death in Yemen, because these absolute idiots are fighting over whose imaginary sand rat god is better.


Breaking: Israel Fires Patriot Missile At UAV!!!!!!
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#Israel – The #IDF just used a Patriot Missile to intercept a UAV that attempted to infiltrate Israeli airspace in the Golan Heights. (IDF spox)


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Video purportedly shows the moment #Israel army used a Patriot Missile to intercept a UAV that attempted to infiltrate Israeli airspace in the Golan Heights

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Illustrative photo of a Patriot missile (courtesy of Israel Air Force)

The Israel Defense Forces’ Patriot missile defense system shot down a drone above the Golan Heights Saturday after the unmanned aircraft approached the Israeli border from Syria.

Israeli security officials asserted that the drone’s operators had deliberately attempted to fly the aircraft across the Israeli border, Channel 10 reported.

Elite Israeli troops rescue wounded Syrians from the world’s worst war almost every night

They have saved more than 2,000 people since 2013, at a cost of 50 million shekels (£8.7million)

Many are enemies of Israel and some may even be fighters for groups affiliated to Al Qaeda

MailOnline embedded with Israeli commandos stationed on the border between Israel and Syria

Dramatic video filmed by MailOnline and the Israeli army shows these operations taking place

Under cover of darkness, an Israeli armoured car advances down the potholed road that leads to Syria. As it crests a small hill, the driver picks up the radio handset and tells his commanding officer that the border is in sight.

He kills the engine. Ten heavily-armed commandos jump out and take cover, watching for signs of ambush. Then five of them move up to the 12ft chainlink fence that marks the limit of Israeli-held territory.

On the other side, on the very edge of Syria, lies an unconscious man wrapped like a doll in a blood-drenched duvet. The commandos unlock the fence, open a section of it and drag him onto Israeli soil.

But this wounded man is not an Israeli soldier, or even an Israeli citizen. He is an Islamic militant. And his rescue forms part of an extraordinary mission that is fraught with danger and has provoked deep controversy on all sides.




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