BREAKING NEWS: Syrian tanks amass near Turkish border; THE NEXT 24 HOURS WILL BE INTENSE!

Syrian tanks amass near Turkish border, says general in the rebel Free Syria Army


06/29/2012 02:31
ANTAKYA – A general in the rebel Free Syria Army said on Friday that Syrian government forces had amassed around 170 tanks north of the city Aleppo, near the Turkish border, but there was no independent confirmation of the report.

General Mustafa al-Sheikh, head of the Higher Military Council, an association of senior officers who defected from Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces, said the tanks had assembled at the Infantry School near the village of Musalmieh northeast of the city of Aleppo, 30 kms from the Turkish border.

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Turkey sends troops to border
Rebel forces attacked Syria’s main court in central Damascus on Thursday, state television said, while Turkey deployed troops and anti-aircraft rocket launchers to the Syrian border, building pressure on President Bashar al-Assad.

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