BREAKING NEWS: Thousands of “Martial Law Now In Effect” signs spotted by the truck load in Illinois

A friend who is a truck unloader saw three diesel trucks completely packed with these signs. Listen to the full interview to get all the details!

Here was the message I got on Facebook late last night:

My friend was unloading trucks at work and there were 3 diesel trailers full of real nice expensive signs stacked front to back side to side top to bottom with signs going to 3 local bases in a caravan that look like a trespassing sign saying martial law is in effect. The guy wouldn’t let him take pics. I just wanted to let you know. My buddy called me right away. Id have to say no one would order that many without knowing something.

I then asked if he could give me more details on this so we did this phone interview.

My personal take: I’ve been seeing this for years but hearing what he had to say hits close to home. I am in no way prepared at this moment in time for such an event, as most people are likely unprepared. I believe the caller believes what he is saying but there is always a chance his friend could be having a good time with him. Regardless it is always better to be safe than sorry and there is nothing wrong with contemplating worst-case-scenarios. It would have been awesome if he had provided a photo, but he did not, but for a person to say, “photo or it didn’t happen” is just ridiculous… No one can say for certain if it did or did not happen, other than the witness. People should decide for themselves what to believe. I at the very least believe this story to be worthy of getting out there.


part 2: 




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  • CAFF

    So much drama!.. the end is near, we are all dying, the government is taking over, obamacare is coming run for your life.. so much bull shit. the point is we don’t care for anybody else, but ourselves. if it is not convenient for me then it is “no good”…

  • mzungu

    Article 1, Section 9 of the US Constitution states, “The Privilege of the Writ of Habeas Corpus shall not be suspended, unless when in Cases of Rebellion or Invasion the public Safety may require it.” In the United States the writ of Habeas Corpus, or in other words the right to a hearing before a court, is suspended. The writ is associated with martial law if dropped.

    But if the person observing the signs was dyslexic or the customer was returning defective signs to the printer then actually the signs said “Marital Law in Effect”. In other words the signs were printed for all Chik-fil-A’s and Baptist Churches allowing sodomite couples equal access to waffle fries and pot luck luncheons.

  • ThatDudeJev

    Ummm yeah, I can get on a radio talk show with no pictures or video and spout bullshit from my ass too lol. Thereis no proof supporting anything this guy is saying.

  • Gabriel Cisneros

    Hilarious. There are Americans living down in Ecuador that are convinced that the US is going to collapse citing this information.

  • Ben Neumann

    There is no proof for or against it. I heard another account of this too. One question I have is why would the government leave any chance for those signs, if they exist, to be visible to the public? We need more citation of proof, but shouldn’t entirely dismiss it either.

    If you’re tracking everything going on that mainstream media doesn’t report…you know this is nothing to ignore. It would take a seriously foolish kid to make this up. He’s potentially risking his life if a made up lie like this goes viral, especially now that Obama has given himself the authority to detain and execute American citizens on suspicion alone without trial.

    Yep, you heard that right.

  • Joseph Conrad