BREAKING – NKorea stops exporting seafood to China!!

N. Korea’s sea food exports to China suspended

“SHENYANG, China, March 13 (Yonhap) — North Korea’s exports of cheap shellfish to China have been put on hold since early this week as the communist country ratcheted up its belligerent rhetoric and threatened war with South Korea and the United States, according to Chinese traders on Wednesday.

The Chinese traders in Hunchun said inbound shipments of North Korea shellfish have been suspended. Hunchun, located near the North’s eastern border with China, is the gateway for the communist country’s exports of cheap sea food to China’s inland.”

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This is big. NKorea must be pissed with China. 67% of NKorean exports go to China and seafood is a major component of that…North_Korea_relations


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