BREAKING: North Korea Deploys 900 Ballistic Missiles – US West Coast in Range!

Comes on heels of the country’s launch of a satellite into orbit a few weeks ago.

South Korean media says the DPRK has deployed more than 900 ballistic missiles at 3 separate sites across the country.

KBS news agency reports that the 3 zones are for the use of the launch of short, middle and long-range missiles.

North Korea missiles could reach US, says South

This month’s rocket launch by reclusive North Korea shows it has likely developed the technology to fire a warhead more than 6,200 miles, South Korean officials said on Sunday – putting the U.S. West Coast in range.

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“David Wright of the Union of Concerned Scientists and the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists analyzes the debris from North Korea’s December 11th Unha-3 launch. From the article: ‘According to press reports, traces on the inner walls of the tank show that the first-stage oxidizer is a form of nitric acid called “red-fuming nitric acid,” which is the standard oxidizer used in Scud-type missiles. There had been some speculation that this stage might instead use a more advanced fuel with nitrogen tetroxide (NTO) as the oxidizer. Since the Nodong engines believed to power the first stage are scaled-up Scud engines, the use of RNFA is not a surprise. There have also been claims that the stage uses a more advanced fuel called UDMH, but it appears instead to be the kerosene-based fuel used in Scuds. In his recent RAND study, Markus Schiller noted that a test Iraq performed using UDMH in a Scud engine gave poor performance, and that burning UDMH gives a transparent flame. The North Korean video of the launch instead shows an orange flame characteristic of Scud fuels. These findings confirm that the stage is still Scud-level technology.'”


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