BREAKING: Obama Wants 73,441,399 Gun Background Checks

73,441,399 Gun Purchase Background Checks Under Obama; NJ Spikes 41% in May

There have been 73,441,399 background checks for gun purchases since President Obama took office, according to data released by the FBI.

In 2009, the FBI conducted 14,033,824 background checks.  If we subtract the month of January (Obama did not assume office until the end of the month) we get 12,819,939.

The FBI conducted 14,409,616 background checks in 2010, 16,454,951 in 2011, and 19,592,303 in 2012.

President Obama’s mental health summit underscores disadvantage on guns

President Obama on Monday addressed the stigma surrounding mental illness, an issue that received little White House attention during the push for new firearms restrictions but is now getting a second look following the stinging defeat of the president’s gun control measures.

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Obama convened a mental health summit Monday at the White House, months after the December massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn. With immigration reform now pushing gun control further down the president’s list of priorities and Washington consumed by a trio of administration scandals, Obama is embracing an issue on which there’s a rare bipartisan consensus.

Obama acts to strengthen gun background check system

President Barack Obama, moving swiftly after the Senate rejected a measure to expand background checks for gun buyers, acted on Friday to patch holes in the existing database dealers use to ensure they are not selling weapons to criminals or the mentally ill.


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