BREAKING: On Line Threat Posted From N. Korea – Preemptive Strike Coming? N. Korea Planning Simultaneous Nuclear Tests. S. Korea Asked China For Help!


Nuclear war provocation select only call ruin

A few days ago, the U.S. nuclear submarine “ssaen Mr. Fran Frisco” Issue (6 900t-class) and Aegis cruisers “Shiloh.” Issue (9 800t grade), respectively, and came back south Korea in Busan and Jinhae Hang Seventh Fleet of the U.S. military nuclear aircraft carriers, as well as coming in soon to south Korea.

Resonate equipment these colossal nuclear war in south Korea, the United States, that something called “Korea-US ryeonhap anti-submarine drills” beolryeonot puppet Ho-optical and in the East Sea of Korea are willing.

Conclusions from the end if you entered is itself prejudicial to the peace and stability of Northeast Asia, the Korean Peninsula as well as the equipment of a nuclear war in the United States also remain engaged in a war on the Korean Peninsula, the already imminent outbreak of war lurks in onggeun one extremely provocative action perilous to that.

The Korean peninsula now known as minor issues hanging in the yard of the United Nations “sanctions” to manipulate the supporting forces of the United States and the DPRK and stifling intrigues the nose to the DPRK’s peaceful satellite launch times cant front war in the military risk of collision has reached the worst.

Moreover, ten million wrongful UN “resolution” with respect to our republic and often credited Chapter National Defense Commission affirmed the correspondence principle, homeland Committee for the Peaceful Reunification of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement unwavering support of the international community opinion raises but about half the Republic of hostile forces already any military action, including the use of nuclear weapons is also poised to be outspoken Immortal perilous.

To grab a puppet Ho-optical Donghae beolryeonot U.S. nuclear aircraft carriers and nuclear submarines, Aegis destroyers, including large-scale invasion of the armed forces and that something called “ROK anti-submarine drills” ryeonhap stifle the DPRK and Picking warmongering is part of it, when, where, and in any way you may encounter will lead to no one.

Countrymen and confrontation test in northern chahaek “against”; What is phase transition of nuclear weapons of the United States, including military force is not coming to south Korea and as I met when I was “warmly welcomed” the goeroegun sign-optical Picking warmongering ambitions we are excited about.

Puppet chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff jeongseungjo rant called “The mere fact that American nuclear submarine came to send a big warning in the book,” One fact alone can see the dangers of the military movements of the United States and the puppet-optical and eomjungseong not difficult.

Situation in the United States yiyamalro culprit of the culprit, nuclear Korean peninsula tensions aggravated the problem occurs, and nuclear war, the chief instigator of the peace and stability of the Korean Peninsula, to ensure the safety and prosperity of the nation and strengthen the physical restraint of our republic hundreds of political parties has once again clearly show give.

South Korean each layer, including the whole nation and the international community now extremely tense and in the Korean peninsula and its surroundings, the United States and the puppet-optical ‘reckless military movements, noting strong concerns about it cause posterior condylar display.

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South Korea’s unification minister has warned that North Korea’s proposed third round of nuclear testing will be a major threat to the region.

Yu said that North Korea was likely to carry out another nuclear test, but did not elaborate on a detailed time-frame.

“If the final step of the nuclear test is successfully executed, it is to be pointed out that the security of the Korean peninsula will work on different factors,” he said.

The South Korean defence ministry also voiced concern on Monday, warning North Korea not to further provoke South Korea.

“If the North Korea nuclear test takes place, it is a provocation against the international community. This is a major provocation against South Korea,” Kim Min-seok, defence ministry spokesman, said at a briefing session.


South Korean and U.S. troops began naval drills Monday in a show of force partly directed at North Korea amid signs that Pyongyang will soon carry out a threat to conduct its third atomic test.–US-begin-drills-amid-NKorea-nuclear-threat

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U.S., allies warn North Korea against ‘provocative’ moves

U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and his South Korean and Japanese counterparts warned North Korea against any “provocative” moves Sunday ahead of a possible new nuclear bomb test by Pyongyang.


Although North Korea is poised to go ahead with a nuclear test, and that the film state television in North Korea has broadcast three years ago, a structural diagram of the internal nuclear test site in the-Pungeri the Northeast had appeared I understand.

Since there is a possibility to come back blast heat and the explosion launch a nuclear explosive device at the end of the tunnel.

“Occurred there is down the tunnel, so that there is no return wearing multiple layers of solid door (Mr. Tetsuo Sawada familiar with the nuclear test, Tokyo Institute of Technology) we had to point out this time, and there is not a type, such as plutonium ever, could form the nucleus of uranium experiments are carried out at the same time more than once more.

It means that the North Korean nuclear threat is increased.

“Given the total amount of uranium reserves in the north, it has the facility to produce highly enriched uranium, but rough terms, it means that you can create a nuclear bomb just want plenty of Sawada familiar with the nuclear test, Tokyo Institute of Technology ( Mr. Tetsuo) 5:48 PM

This photo shows a diagram of a tunnel under a nuclear test site×293.jpg

South Korea has issued an urgent request to China to use its influence over North Korea to persuade the isolated nation to abandon its plans for a nuclear test.

South Korea and the United States on Monday began a joint naval drill along the eastern coast, military officials said, sending what appears to be a warning to North Korea as it threatens to conduct a third nuclear test.

The three-day exercise kicked off earlier in the day in the East Sea to test the combat readiness of the two allies, in an apparent effort to give a warning to North Korea ahead of its possible nuclear test in the northeastern tip of the country.

Two U.S. ships equipped with long-range cruise missiles — the USS San Francisco, a 6,800-ton nuclear submarine, and the 9,800-ton Aegis cruiser Shilo — were mobilized for the exercise held near the eastern port city of Pohang.


North Korea is preparing to carry out two nuclear tests, either simultaneously or in rapid succession, to demonstrate to the world the advances it has made in its weapons programme, according to intelligence reports.


Breaking -N. Korea planning simultaneous nuclear tests – Seoul
North Korea plans to conduct two nuclear tests at once, or in quick succession, South Korea said. The prediction is based on satellite data that allegedly uncovered an uptick in activity at two tunnels at the North’s Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

“There is a chance that the southern tunnel is a decoy, but we aren’t ruling out that the regime will conduct nuclear tests simultaneously at both tunnels,” South Korean newspaper Chosun Ilbo quoted a military source as saying.

Testing multiple devices at the same time could be part of an effort to produce smaller nuclear warheads that could be mounted on missiles, the source said.

Earlier reports suggested the test will take place before February 10 – the start of the Lunar New Year. Other reports have claimed the test will fall on February 16, the birthday of late North Korean leader Kim Jong-il.



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