BREAKING: Option Traders Buying VIX, The Fear Index, For An “Event” this Weekend – Possible Military Coup D’etat in Greece

Seen it happen many times before.

Prime example was 9/11.

Good chance we will see a major event this weekend.

Buckle up and stay tuned.

HEADS UP!! – Martial Law in America might arrive Oct. 1, 2013

Military Coup D-etat in Greece this weekend.

In a world in which everyone has become an ultra-short term pathological gambler, and every outcome is a zero-sum prop bet, it was only a matter of time before someone tried to quantify the probability of the event that the market (for some inexplicable reason) is so transfixed on: the government shutdown (inexplicable, because anything more than a few day shutdown risks a full blown mutiny by the tens of millions of government workers). So without further ado, here is Nomura, with its “estimate” of a government shutdown on October 1: 40%.

The Greek Army has 15 demands: