BREAKING Red Danger: China and Japan Are Waiting For The 9-Meter Tsunami

In China and Japan are waiting for typhoon “Soulik” which could trigger a tsunami height of nine meters. Due to the impending two countries introduced the element of red, the highest code of danger.

According to ITAR-TASS , now a typhoon is east of the islands Sakisima and 13 July will reach Taiwan.

“Soulik,” which translated to one of the languages of Micronesia translated as “leader”, the seventh tropical storm formed in the Pacific Ocean this season.

Taiwan, Japan brace for super-typhoon Soulik

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Taiwan has braced for super-typhoon Soulik while Japan’s Okinawa warned residents of giant waves. The typhoon, packing gusts of up to 227km per hour, was 790km east southeast of the island’s Yilan city in the northeast at 09:00 GMT, Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau said. Soulik is moving west-northwest towards Taiwan at about 2kph and could narrowly miss the island or make landfall on its northern tip sometime between late Friday and Saturday morning, AFP reported. The Okinawa weather bureau in Japan warned waves of up to 12 meters and gusts of winds up to 234kph may hit parts of the far southwest of the archipelago.

it’s there.

its listed as category 2 and will hit tawian.

This occurred two days ago. Man, China is getting hammered.


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