BREAKING — RFI: Group of soldiers launch apparent coup attempt in Eritrea capital of Asmara; state TV off air

Rumours of military coup in Eritrea
According to reports, a group of soldiers have launched what may have been a coup attempt in Asmara, forcing state TV off the air.

Michael van Poppel ‏@mpoppel
AFP: Eritrean Troops Besiege Mutineers Inside Information Ministry


Reports from Eritrea say a group of about 200 soldiers have surrounded the ministry of information in the capital, Asmara.

State TV has also reportedly been taken off air in what some have described as a coup attempt.

The city is said to be calm with no shots having been fired.

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This information has now been confirmed by a reliable source from Asmara.

Around 100 members of the Eritrean Defence force and two tanks stormed the ministry of Information head quarters in Forto just outside Asmara and forced their commanders and also the top officials at the ministry into one room and then went on to force the news reader Asmelash to read announcements that:

they will be freeing all prisoners of conscience
they will implement the constitution
that the ministry of information is under their total control


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