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Rick Perry Vows To DEFEND Indictment! TAKE OVER Border Control!

5:23 talks about border

Go Rick Perry! This was poetry in motion. Rick Perry killed it today responding to the junk indictment against him by desparate Texas Democrats.


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  • NobodysaysBOO



  • Incriminally Sane

    This is the epitome of political corruption, Obama absolutely despises the fact that Perry would dare defend his border with Mexico when it has already been decided that a North American Union transform the entire continent into a single nation for supposed “Security”. This is the real reason all the illegals are being allowed into the US in preparation for the grand opening of this so called “union”!

  • Ted Dura

    Perry has earned my respect–he’s got BALLS and ain’t afraid to use them–sir you have my vote !!

    • mael

      Perry is just another israeli shill.