BREAKING: Russia and China to do BIGGEST EVER military drills off Japan and South Korea!

(translated from a Chinese news source)

The Russian Defense Ministry sources said Saturday, the Russian military is discussed in June this year, the Russian Pacific Fleet and Beihai fleet at sea the Chinese naval real live-fire exercises, exercise locations in Japan Haidabide Bay; in addition, the Russian ” peace mission in -2013 ” air army joint military exercises are high-level multiple round.

Russia said the Russian Navy League play, this will be the largest ” “. In fact, precisely, is ” Russia navy in recent years the largest “, may have more than 20 ships, tugs are included. The predicted joint exercises out ship number equivalence, estimation of Russia will each 10 ships, but in last year’s joint exercises in the Yellow Sea is the result of 16 Chinese naval ship, the Russian Pacific fleet includes tug, a total of 7 vessels.

Russian military experts believe that, this will be held military exercises at sea bright spot is ” crossing ” and ” cooperative “,followed by the exercise scenario that joint maritime defense and meet operational, seize the theater air, sea, electromagnetic power cooperative.

Russian experts said, China Sea fleet will pass through the Tsushima Strait or the Korea Strait, China Sea fleet if can pass through the soya strait between Russia and Japan, after a series of chain between Russian controlled, directly into the North Pacific, it can be called on the U.S. – Japan is a ” shake “.


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  • Zaharia H Hoyeru

    Fuck yeah! SO in the future it will be Russia and China against the failing USA and the failing EU.

  • kayakhigh

    Russia and China formed a mutual defense pact under the umbrella of the S.C.O. around 2003. They saw America expanding it’s military agression from Afghanistan to the Middle East. They knew they were being encircled and the missiles in Poland scared them as well.

    These allies hold their military cards very closely and should not be underestimated. Russia + China = a Superpower.

    Encroaching on these nations was a big mistake. There can be no happy ending. They have already won the silent “economic warfare” by effectively debasing the US Petrodollar. The greenback’s decline cannot be reversed at this point.

    The USA and NATO nations are miltarily overstretched AND bankrupt. Russia and China are becoming economic giants among the BRICs nations , while rapidly expanding their war arsenals.

    Here is the bottom line: NATO and the Pentagon know they have lost the economic war. They also know that Russia and China will surpass them militarily as they have done financially. The only endgame for “the west” is to provoke WW3, and pray for a miraculous victory.

    Pride and overconfidence are a caustic mix. WW3 will he thermonuclear, biological and chemical. Nobody will win.

  • Joseph Holrn

    Tick tock. The judgement against the former Christian republic is upon us… guess throwing God out of the nation wasnt such a smart idea huh?

    • Boni Biggun

      Well at least we’ll be wiped away in an hour/instantly. Come sweet death, take me to my Maker, the Lord Jesus Christ!