BREAKING Russian Admiralty Announces War with Ukraine for Crimea – Crimean Airspace Closed, All Communications Cut! US Navy Status Page DOWN!! Capital Controls In Place!!

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Breaking: 2,000 Russian soldiers land in ‘armed invasion’ of Crimea!…,29…

Russian statement confirms they have troops moving in Ukraine – statement

At least 5 Il-76s cargo craft,10 APCs,10 choppers,1 warship, so far

Ukraine Pleads For Help Against “Russian Invasion” Of Crimea

BBC News: Russian planes are landing in Crimea; column of armoured personnel carriers is approaching Simferopol, local Pravda news reports

Russian APC convoy moving in Crimea without permission from Ukraine government

@Interpreter_Mag: CONFIRMED: Russian APC convoy moving in Crimea without permission from #Ukraine government

“Russian Vice Admiral announced beginning of war with Ukraine for Crimea.”

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Russian Vice-Admiral announced the beginning of the war with Ukraine – Cemil

#BreakingNews Russia started a full scale invasion on #Crimea this eve, not even hiding their identities anymore. APCs virtually everywhere.

BREAKING. Ukrainian airline says Crimean airspace closed

Large Ukrainian military base being taken over by Russian military in Perevalne

The military cut internet backbone connectivity at Ukrtelecom Simferopol. Earlier took over state TV.

US Navy Status page not responding to latest position of the fleet!

More APCs And Helicopters As The Airspace Closes: The Latest Developments From The Ukraine

British Officials Tell Citizens to Leave Crimea

Britain said Friday it is advising against all travel to Ukraine’s Crimean Peninsula and telling its citizens now there to leave.

In Berlin, Germany’s Foreign Ministry said it is strongly advising against nonessential travel to Crimea in southern Ukraine on the Black Sea.

Russian flags have gone up on two border points btw Crimea and mainland Ukraine. Pro-Russia men w/guns checking cars

Ukraine: British officials tell citizens to leave Crimea: U.N. Emergency Meeting

British officials tell citizens to leave Crimea: U.N. Emergency Meeting……

“@MiddleEast_BRK: #BREAKINGNEWS The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense said at 0:01am: Russian attack on Ukrainian bases on #Crimea to begin 5AM: #We_will_defend!

Leadership of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine learned that from 2nd to 5th o’clock in the night from February 28 to March 1, 2014 radical forces plan to carry out illegal activities, namely, to enter the military units stationed in the Crimea and disarm personnel.

Ministry of Defence of Ukraine warns against committing criminal intent, and officially reported: in the case of these actions unknowns, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will act in accordance with the laws of Ukraine and Regulations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

“@RealCrimea: reports armed divisions are on way to expected seizure of the building of the #Crimean #Tatar Medjlis [Assembly]. #Crimea #Islam #Muslim

2:42 Moscow

Obama warns Russia: There will be costs to any military intervention in the Ukraine

“@CNN: A Russian warship that is reportedly armed with anti-aircraft missiles is docked 200 miles away from Miami:

Ukraine Imposes Capital Controls, Limits Foreign Currency Withdrawals