BREAKING: Russian President Vladimir Putin and his wife announce their ‘marriage is over’!

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin and his wife Lyudmila have announced their “marriage is over”.

“It was our joint decision, our marriage is over,” President Putin said in the interview to Russia24 state channel. The announcement was made at the Grand Kremlin Palace, where Vladimir and Lyudmila Putin attended the Esmeralda ballet.

The couple married in 1983, when Putin was 31-years-old and lived together during Putin’s time as a KGB agent in Germany. It was during his time in East Germany that the country’s spy agency reportedly described him as a “philanderer and a wifebeater.”

This reputation followed Putin as he became Russia’s most important man — in 2011 reports surfaced that suggested that Putin had put his long suffering wife in a mental hospital, so that he could focus on his (alleged) lovers — former gymnast Alina Kabaeva and his personal photographer Yana Lapikova.


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