BREAKING – UN Confirms: Chemical-Weapon Inspectors Attacked by Snipers (It looks like Americans wants to invade Syria really)

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#BreakingNews: Snipers in #Syria shoot at UN #chemical inspectors: #UN spokesman – (It looks like Americans wants to invade Syria really)

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So here is the scenario: keep away UN inspectors as long as possible, after it will be too late to inspect anything.

Unidentified snipers shot at UN experts in Syria, forcing them to suspend investigation into chemical attack claims

Syria: UN Inspectors ‘Shot At By Snipers’

The UN team investigating an alleged chemical attack in Damascus come under fire, after mortar bombs land close to their hotel.

Snipers have opened fire on a convoy of UN inspectors heading to the sites of suspected chemical weapons attacks in Syria’s capital, the UN has said.

The UN did not say who fired the shots, but the first car in the convoy was hit and the team returned to a checkpoint.

The Syrian government and the rebels had agreed to a ceasefire to allow the inspectors to collect evidence.

The experts say they will continue the inquiry into Wednesday’s attacks in Damascus, in which hundreds died.

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